A couple weeks ago, I went on a quick trip to Kyoto and Osaka with a dear friend from Toronto. Although the trip was short, it was filled with sweet sweet memories. Kyoto was absolutely charming and I always feel welcomed in Osaka.

Of course, I didn't forget to hop all the best cafes these cities have to offer.
My first stop was % Arabica Kyoto. Located steps away from Kiyomizu Temple, it is new home to Junichi Yamaguchi, Tokyo's 2014 Free Pour Champion. Although the cafe was extremely packed, my latte tasted amazing!

Second stop in Osaka was a coincident and an absolute gem! Mill Pour is a tiny cafe in Shinsaibashi with a nice seating area outside.
To be honest, this is the best mocha I've ever had! The barista who trained in Australia was kind enough to chat with us and making my friends and I feel welcomed over really great coffee!

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Hello! New theme is now up in our shop. Today's template is a minimal, 2 columns theme in grey

color. Click here to see a live demo. Don't forget to check it out!

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Hello, Today I'm so excited to introduce our new blog project on MTH. We are now offering pre-
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The first time I discovered Saturday Surf NYC was through Nathan Williams of Kinfolk's Instagram post. I thought, what a beautiful space, doesn't look like Japan. 
Little did I know it was a men's apparel store that happens to have a cafe in it. 

The shop/cafe, located approximately 10 minutes away from Daikanyama station,
has a beautiful patio overlooking Tokyo city.  

I spent about a good hour sketching and relaxing on SS NYC's patio. Sipping coffee outdoors really reminded me of life in Canada, where I'd spent hours outdoors and coming up with great ideas for my next painting. 

Although Daikanyama slightly intimidates me with all its fancy shops, I will definitely bring friends back here for a nice cup of coffee and good conversations.
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Ecstatic was the word I could describe when I found winged bean at a farmer's market.
I didn't know they could be found in Japan! 

Winged bean salad, or ยำถั่วพู are one of the most loved salad dishes in Thailand. 
The nutty flavor mixed with Thai style spicy and sour salad dressing makes this dish an absolute favorite. 

I thought it would be complicated to make, but not at all! I spent my Saturday 
making this and not disappointing at all!

Here's what you will need: 

5-6 winged beans
Half a lime or lemon
1 clove of garlic, smashed
1-2 dried chili
2 tbs fish sauce
1 tbs Thai chili paste
1 tbs sugar
Toasted coconut flakes
Toasted peanuts
5-6 Boiled shrimps
1 Boiled egg
Fried red onions or shallots


1) Cut the edges off winged beans and cut them into thin slices. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Remove then soak in ice water to preserve the crunchiness.
2) Boil the shrimp until cooked. Remove and set aside.
3) In a different pot, boil eggs until fully cooked. Remove and set aside.
Cut into wedges after cooled down.
4) To make the sauce, combine Thai chili paste, sugar, fish sauce and lemon juice. Mix well until everything is dissolved. Add in crushed garlic and sliced chili.
5) Remove winged beans from the ice water and dry them off.
6) In a large bowl, mix winged bean slices, roasted coconut flakes, roasted peanuts, fried onions, shrimp. 
7) Add in the sauce and mix well.
8) In a plate, scoop in the salad and decorate with boiled eggs on the side! Voila, fin!
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3 months ago, I was transferred to work in Shibuya. Gotta admit, not a big fan of the crowds...but despite all the hustle bustle, Shibuya's gems are the great coffee around the area. 

Here's my illustration interpretations of my favorite coffee places around Shibuya. Not ranked in orders, they all have their different charms!

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Needless to day, I am a big fan of Earl Grey Tea. There is something about the
aromatic, rustic bergamot smell and the citrus taste. 

This love for Earl Grey Tea has transcended into looking for Earl Grey scented products. Here is my wishlist for September, hopefully I will be able to get my hands on them soon!

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Today I'm loving these pretty fonts! I hope you find these fonts useful for your blog or website.

They can be found at herehere or here.
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I'm already a big fan of Streamer Coffee Company but I was ecstatic to find out that they decided to open a new location in my train line. Streamer Gohongi, located under the train tracks of Gakugei-Daigaku station 
is their most attractive location yet.

As much as I love their coffee, the space was what drew me in the most! Decorated in a warehouse like feel, Streamer Gonhongi consisted of a 2 story spacious lot.

Great coffee. Suave space for me to spend my precious day off. 
Courteous staff and talented barista. Seriously couldn't ask for more. 

Streamer Gonhongi is located at: 2-36,Chuuouchou,Meguro-ku,Tokyo

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I love concerts. I love everything about it. The music, the energy, even the crowds! When I heard Arctic Monkeys will be making a stop in Japan, I did not hesitate about going. This time they joined Japan's annual music festival, Summer Sonic.

The festival consisted of a 2-day event, both in Tokyo and Osaka. I chose Day 1 since some of the bands I like will be playing! Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to see Phoenix. Definitely next time!

Usually a baseball stadium, QVC Marine Field turned into a concert event for the day!

Beach stage was fun and energetic. Felt like I was in Southern Cali! 

When Arctic Monkeys came on stage, they did not disappoint. They played a bunch of tracks from AM and a couple of their oldies while front man Alex Turner lead the show with his psychedelic, cool, charisma on stage. 

The crowd in Japan is a little more mellow than the ones I am used to but overall a really fantastic show! Looking forward to seeing more live bands in the future!

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Today's freebie is a desktop wallpaper that is inspired by fun, colorful palette like this, here, and a 

combination of my recent discovery of a brand called Unelefante

Hope you enjoy this very colorful wallpaper!

widescreen: 1920x1200

full screen: 1600x1200
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I fell in love with this quirky video by Celia Rowlson-Hall, a New York based filmmaker and choreographer.
Her video Olive Juice is absolutely charming, using quotes and idioms about love and arranging them in a choreographed short film.

View her short film here!

This short film totally stole my heart. View more of Celia's works on her website.
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