Friday, July 11, 2014

Coffee, lately

In both June and July, I went on a coffee frenzy. I've had  chance to commute to downtown Tokyo
several times and I have been collecting my data! Here are a few places I stopped at recently.

Makers Coffee, Yoyogi-Koen.
Cool space and great coffee. They have a pretty cool table for people who love to get their coffee fix
and work on their project! Too bad that half the time I'm there, they're closed.

New Coffee Steppers, Harajuku.
This place was an absolute surprise! I walked around the busy neighborhood and stumbled upon
this little gem of a coffee shop located inside a design store. New Coffee Steppers is a little shop created by the
owners of Little Nap in Yoyogi-Koen.The barista was kind enough for me to snap a picture
while she made her free pour! Absolutely gorgeous!

Sarutahiko, Ebisu.
This tiny coffee shop is located in the posh neighborhood Ebisu. It's quite a popular and
long standing coffee place with wide selections.  It was absulutely crowded so I was glad
we were able to get some seats! Really great mocha here!

That's it for now! I'll be sure to make more coffee stops in the next few weeks! 
So glad Japan's coffee scene is starting to pick up!

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