Monday, January 18, 2016

And the Friet

If you're a lover of fries and is looking for more than just straight cut fast food style in Tokyo, I recommend AND THE FRIET. With 8 different kinds of cuts, selection of potatoes and 10 kinds of dips you can choose from, I am betting it with tickle fries lover's fancies. 

 They even have my all time favorite, Curly fries, Arby's style. 

 Although the shop had been opened for a while, it was my first time to try it in the Yokohama location. The shop is a little small but they have outdoor seats for those who are willing to brave the cold! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Royal milk tea

Have you heard of Royal Milk Tea before? I have never heard of RMT before moving to Japan. Apparently, RMT is a blended of Ceylon and/or English breakfast with milk and sugar.

It's really sweet and it's not for everyone (dairy, high sugar content). I've been enjoying the one from family mart, although I really do prefer this recipe on youtube.

Thursday, January 07, 2016



I've always been a fan of smelling nice (well...who wouldn't be?) and I recently stumbled upon Soaptopia. Not only do their products smell heavenly, they are eco-friendly, handmade and created in Venice Beach from natural products !

There were so many tempting choices but after browsing on and off for weeks, I decided to go with Beauty and the Beach. Consisted of Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Vanilla & Pumice Sand, the smell will transport you right to the beach.

Soaptopia can be found in Japan at Ron Herman stores!