Monday, February 01, 2016

Chai tea Cafe in Motomachi-Chukagai

Although I've been more keen about coffee in these recent years, I still crave good milk tea from time to time. While I was shopping for interior goods in Motomachi-Chukagai, I can't help but make a stop at Chai tea cafe again!

It's a tiny cafe specializing in Chai tea, located in Yokohama Chinatown. There are several kinds of Chai tea to choose from and if you don't like milk, you could even choose a soy option! This time, I ordered soy spiced chai with a chai chiffon cake.


Upstairs to the tea cafe is C.Craft, an ethnic-Indian inspired interior design store. Let's just say my yogi-explorer mode kicked in and I felt as if I just transported to India.

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