Friday, December 28, 2018

Brunch at Claska Hotel

Claska is a multi-faceted space in Tokyo. Besides from being a hotel, they also have a furniture store, an event space, a lifestyle goods store as well as a dining space. 

Conveniently, I live within walking distance to Claska and occasionally enjoy my brunch there. I'm not much of a morning person but I do love breakfast and brunch meals. I could be wrong, but to me western style brunches still aren't much of a thing in Tokyo so I appreciate being close to a place that serves proper brunches! 

This time, I ordered English Breakfast, served with an omelette, salad, assorted breads and two choices of beverages. They also offer other options with mostly western style menus but also a traditional Japanese breakfast type.

The choice of bread includes a croissant, a quarter baguette and a dinner roll. Comes with their homemade confiture.

Another popular option they serve is a clam chowder breakfast set.

Their restaurant Kiokuh also serves lunch, tea time and dinner in this beautiful space. I haven't tried other menus besides the breakfast but their other menu sounds amazing. 

You can find some more info about their menu here. Happy dining! 

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