Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Sonic x Arctic Monkeys

I love concerts. I love everything about it. The music, the energy, even the crowds! When I heard Arctic Monkeys will be making a stop in Japan, I did not hesitate about going. This time they joined Japan's annual music festival, Summer Sonic.

The festival consisted of a 2-day event, both in Tokyo and Osaka. I chose Day 1 since some of the bands I like will be playing! Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to see Phoenix. Definitely next time!

Usually a baseball stadium, QVC Marine Field turned into a concert event for the day!

Beach stage was fun and energetic. Felt like I was in Southern Cali! 

When Arctic Monkeys came on stage, they did not disappoint. They played a bunch of tracks from AM and a couple of their oldies while front man Alex Turner lead the show with his psychedelic, cool, charisma on stage. 

The crowd in Japan is a little more mellow than the ones I am used to but overall a really fantastic show! Looking forward to seeing more live bands in the future!

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