Wednesday, May 21, 2014

seoul cafe wrap up

Wrapping up my Seoul cafe hopping post!

Something that I always do while I travel, I cafe hop in foreign cities.
I find it exciting to visit local cafes and try carefully crafted coffee. This time, I planned to
try out at least 5 places but my schedule did not allow me so I only visited 2.
They were both very good in different ways.

First stop, 5extracts in Hongdae. The cafe, a 10 minute walk from Honggik university station, 
has a nice rustic decor that is cool but cozy at the same time. 

I tried a caramel latte, something I rarely have but I was glad to get a little sweet kick in my
coffee. The result was not disappointing, very warm and the latte art was beautiful!

My second stop was Coffee Lec. Located in a small alley in the fancy area of Garosugil, 
cafe owner Sean An was Korea's Barista champion from 2011. 

Coffee Lec reminded me of a Jazz bar with a 1920's vibe. I spent about a good hour or two chatting with my good friend
while taking a break from shopping. The mocha I ordered tasted wonderful and the service was amazing as well. 

Definitely had a great coffee experience in Seoul. I'm so glad to see people dedicated to making good coffee!
Please check back for more updates to come at Milk+Toast+Honey. I will cafe hop at local cafes in Tokyo again!

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