Monday, November 26, 2018

Pre-winter High Tea at Aman Hotel

Since I am rather a coffee fan, I don't always go to High Tea. Although every once in a while, it's great to feel fancy and try out this century old British-inspired meal.

This time, the location was at Aman Hotel, located right at Otemachi station. Their High Tea lounge is right on the 33rd floor which of course displays a fantastic view of Tokyo skyline. Our reservation was at 3:30 so we were able to see Mt. Fuji in a distance as well as the sun setting.

Like other High Tea menu, Aman also serves 1 layer of savory and 2 layers of sweets platter plus scone plates. Because I am a pescetarian, the staff at Aman kindly made a custom savory platter and replaced their usual menu with seafood. They were quite nice combinations of fresh seafood and crisp veggies. 

We were able to select 4 kinds of seasonal sweets in which the staff brought in a leather luggage, quite an interesting concept. I chose Monc Blanc, Strawberry Pistachio, Apple Caramel Choux and Pear Financier. On the top tier, Aman served their signature chocolate trunk filled with berries. 

As for the tea selection, they were from Ronnefeldt, a tea house from Germany which I have never had. Quite nice aromatic tea but I wished they would have more selection for the course. I would have liked to try some kind of milk tea. 

If you're a High Tea fan, this is worth a try. Plus, they do have live traditional Japanese music to accompany guests played by a koto musician in a kimono.

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